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Company Profile

Bangladesh is known as the country of six seasons. It has an ideal weather for agriculture and hence, the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. The opportunity to utilise this scope for business . We have a vision that would not only serve the society and its people, but would also create a business that would redefine the food manufacturing industry. And thus, BD Bangla Group is born in the year 2021.
BD Bangla Group is adding value to the daily life of consumers through its Toiletries, Home Care, Hygiene, Electrical, Electronics, Mobile, Salt, Flour, Foods, Rice, Tea, Edible Oil, Paints and International Businesses. ‘BD Bangla Group’ is the largest integrator in Bangladesh in Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Farm Mechanization

Management of BD Bangla Group

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Mission Vision Value
Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve higher efficiency to develop and deliver affordable products and services to society for good

Our Vision

Our vision is to create value and impact in society by way of improving quality of life and ensuring well-being of people

Our Value
  • We are in society as a corporate citizen to strengthen the communities and neighborhoods by integrating them in the process of development.
  • We care about maintaining environmental sustainability and preserving mother-nature ecosystem for a healthier planet.
  • We are in business for economic success for advancing the world towards more viable solutions, products and services.